Who is Mike Matte?

Mike Matte is a small town "coach's kid" from northern Illinois. As an undersized quarterback and point guard on winning football and basketball teams he realized that his ability to run long distances was his pathway to a college scholarship. He received a congressional appointment to the Air Force Academy where, for four years he was able to continue his running career while going through rigorous military and academic training. This leadership schooling instilled in him the self discipline, character and integral principals that he has utilized throughout his life.

After graduation, Mike spent his active duty military years running B-52 flight-line weapons squadrons with up to 200 aircraft technicians.

Today, Mike is a seasoned CEO who throughout his career has been rigorously focused on surrounding himself with talented individuals. Mike, a marathon runner and all around athlete, stays both mentally and physically fit and believes that both are necessary to maintain laser focus.

Mike has led the operational and financial turnarounds of over 40 companies and business units ranging from 5 million to 500 million in annual revenue. Mike is an avid runner who trains an average 360 days per year to complete over 400 road races including 7 marathons with a Boston qualifying personal best of 2 hours and 48 minutes.

Mike Matte delivers high energy and his programs have strong, bold content. His style engages listeners. His personal stories, education and business experiences combined with over 30 years of athletic and military training fortifies Mike with the perfect tools to captivate and motivate audiences.

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