Mike's programs

Mike has conducted workshops and keynotes on topics ranging from Leadership and Coaching Skills to 50 Ways to Effectively Motivate Yourself. In his presentations, Mike shares his strategy, secrets, and his beliefs about what it takes to move from failure to success, and more importantly how to avoid the pitfalls of failure. Mike has the ability to modify his program content and flow to meet the needs of any group. His combination of business experience, formal education, entertainment skills, and real life stories of his own family and personal life allow him to balance his content with the right humor, anecdotes, and exercises.

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Mike's most requested programs:

  • Dealing With Difficult Runners On Your Marathon
  • Self Discipline/Habits To Succeed On Our Marathon
  • Overcoming 2009 Marathon Challenges
  • How To Be A Marathon Leader/Coach
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Leading Through Change
  • Team Building With A Herd of Cats
  • The 5 Habits Of Successful Marathon Coaches

The Marathon CEO Leadership Principles:

In this keynote, Mike shares the often sought after information needed to turn around your team, your department, your business and your life.

  • Create Credibility: Establish it immediately and build on it (5 steps on how to do it)
  • Synergy and Strength: Surround yourself by deputies who have strengths offsetting your weaker areas
  • Define Targets: Clearly create clarified purposeful goals
  • Practice Flexibility: Get Real and think like a cat-herder
  • Improve... Progress vs. Perfection: Keep Moving forward on the Marathon

Sustained Leadership for the Long Run

"As a leader, lead from the back of the pack and take total responsibility for the direction and results of the team." -Mike Matte

Sustained leadership centers on accountability, credibility, and staying power. Here Mike shares his leadership principles

M = Management: Let's reduce it
L = Leadership; Recruit and develop leaders
B = Back of the pack leadership: Both position and mentality.
C = Communicate: Exercise your EARS – use the 65/25/10 rule